Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby! Joey turned one last week and I finally have the proof that we did indeed celebrate.

Joe Joe just a few hours old. He had a rough start, didn't want to leave the womb, had a cord around his neck, not pinking up too fast and all the nurses and the doctor and DAVE tried to tell me he was ok. The fact that he wasn't crying tipped me off and I was a bit hysterical, but after lots of O2 and chillin' in the nursery, we were good.

In the picture above, he looks like he is trying to tell me it was all a big joke and he didn't mean to startle me.


Big kid riding his horse outside. He is so dang fun. He loves to keep us moving and laughing.

He couldn't believe I was giving him cake. His Oma giving him cake without my permission, yes, but me? He was thrilled.

A little cake drunk.

Happy Birthday Bug, we love you!


Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

Cute cake, for an adorable boy ;) I'm glad he got to eat some of it, even if he is looking a little sick in that last pic.

Meghan said...

the cake...adorable. was that your work?

Through the Looking Glass said...

That CAKE! Make me one! Sell me one! Open a bakery! Also, who shrunk Dave and put him in an argyle sweater vest, smearing his face in cake? They're identical!

shannon said...

Did you really make that cake?

Lori said...

Hey Whitney, I stumbled upon your blog today after seeing the story about cooper. Sad!!! I was doing some blog hopping and found you. Hope you don't mind. Ck out my blog. Lori Millard Robinson

Lori said...

Sorry I forgot to comment, your family is beautiful, just like you of course. Fun to see your family and stuff.

angie said...

Seriously, he is such a darling baby boy. And aren't you the creative mom for putting all those fun decorations together? I am so impressed! Congrats on your baby turning one.

Josie said...

happy b-day joey!!! Love that sweet face.