Friday, June 10, 2011

What did I do with my Friday night?

Well, I'll tell you.  SYTYCD is back.  And it is good.  Dreamy good.  And fun for the whole family.  Most of the time.  And tonight, Caroline and I watched the reveal of the top 20.  And it was dreamy.  Caroline digs it.  Eli actually digs it.  Caroline wants to rule this show.  As she puts it, "I love it so much I just can't stand it!"  Look at this dancer.

Isn't she marvelous?  And she was marvelous at her dance recital.  I think with a bit more technical training she is going to rock the stage of SYTYCD 2025.  Caroline's favorite is Caitlyn Lawson, jazz dancer.  I have quite a few faves.  Mostly girls and the guy from SLC.  He is awesome.  Any favorites?

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Meghan said...

love the new layout. and i'm super psyched about sytycd too. miss melanie and the other gal from utah are my favs. i cant get enough of it!