Thursday, June 16, 2011

A redo

Since I haven't been keeping up to date, it must be noted that Caroline will wear pants and shorts now, but more on that later.  She will still sport a skirt, especially when it is warmish outside.  I was looking throw Garnet Hill's kids clothing and saw a skirt that was $45 on sale.  ON SALE!  And I thought, as I do often, I could make that.  (for some reason I can't upload a pic of it, so click on the above link)

But this time I actually tried.  I went to the local thrift store and bought a few XL women's button down shirts.  I cut them off just below the arms, put in an elastic, made pockets out of the sleeves and cuffs.  This is what I came up with.  For less than $5.  And Caroline loves it.  She is sporting her swimming suit (or as she referred to it today, her zucchini) because we are off to swimming.  I have a few more tweaks but am happy with the finished product. 


Paige said...

Hello...I didn't know you were back on the blogging front. I love the skirt. You and lInds amaze me. I can't do clothes. Crafts only. I've missed you around here.

katie t said...

YOU ARE BACK!!!!!! and I am SOOOO exstatic!!!!

Cool Rider said...

Hi Whitney - it's been so long and I've missed catching up with your family. We need you back blogging as I miss my 'other side of the world' blogger friend.
Please Please Please - I'm giving you an award to encourage you - so pop over and collect it!

Gaye Brownie said...

What a fabulous idea. This is adorable!