Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maybe this will be a start

Oh my, it has been a while.  I feel an itch.  I have wanted to post something here and there for a bit but it is hard to do for some reason.  I need to, though.  I have also wanted to get back down to my craft room and do some sewing or painting.  I just want to be able to finish something I have started.  Even it if it just cleaning one room. But I also want my kids to be able to have a narrative to what we have going on right now. 

I have journals for each of my kids and regrettably none of them are full.  Jack's isn't even touched.  Maybe this is the way I can journal for them.  Something I am not awesome at.  So, here is the trying to be better.

Let's begin with Jack.  He is one! When did that happen?  I think he went from skinny little baby bird to chubby smiler overnight.  I was asking Dave when that happened.  We don't know.  He is absolutely perfect.  He is sweet and kind.  He is a fantastic eater.  He loves his siblings.  He loves to be held. All the time.  Sort of not perfect there but perfect none the less.  He bit me twice today - not perfect at all. But he showed a lot of remorse after each bite.  We'll see if it continues.  He may have to give up the juice, which will hurt me more than him I suppose.  Let's see his transformation (warning - pictures!) 

It about killed me when they put the IV in the head...

First day home, Joey has remained the doting brother.

Eli's baptism and Jack's blessing - perfect day to share.  July.

 Jack's Oompa Loompa impression.

This onesie was too big on him for a month or two...

I think this was the end of summer, his dad carries him in his Bjorn often.

First of many homespun haricuts.

First professional haircut. I actually think he looks like Cam from Modern Family.  But only this one.

Who?  What?

First birthday!

First sugar from mom, pretty sure this wasn't the first sugar from dad.  

I have lost the blogging flow.  Hopefully it returns.  I have missed it.  My thought processes have been continually interrupted for a good year now.  I have decided that this might be the only way to journal for my kids.  And keep in touch with family.  Let's hope that for my kids' sake I can be consistent.


Meghan said...

woah, are you back? i think that Jack of yours is to die for. and maybe it's just because i don't know your kiddos, but i think he is a twin to joey. anyway, be back, please?

Lindsey said...

Just stopped by to check...and you are back!!! Keep it up please!!! The pic of Eli's baptism/Jack's blessing is TDF!! You are officially the prettiest person I know. As if you weren't already. Me and P will try to call you on partyline again tomorrow. xoxoxo