Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Name Game

Not that we EVER agree on names (me and Dave), or have names going to the hospital, or even share our names with others I have to share that I like the name Jasper.  Yeah, I saw your reaction.  Whatever.  I'd never get Dave to agree to it anyway AND thanks to Twilight mania there is no way I would want to.  Just thought I would share.  And no, we don't have any names.  Not even a half of one. 

I am also going to share my kids favorite pass time.  Me recording them dancing.  Eli is trying to be a breakdancer even if he doesn't know what one is.   He is learning how to scoot on his head.  He is also trying to learn lyrics, which is super comical when you are in the car trying to figure out what he might be listening to on my nano.  And Caroline, she is nuts.  Joey just loves to be with his brother and sister - usually.  You will only really love this if you love us or love my kids.


Paige said...

Caroline is the love of my life. I can't get enough of her. I'm pretty sure I heard her say Boo Yah in the first video. Eli does a pretty mean head scoot and I never knew they had a techno version of Beyonce's Halo. I'm not sure the other break dancers are rockin out to Taylor Swift. Or whoever that is. P.S. Send me Caroline. I will take good care of her.

nikki said...

I personally like Tex, Red and Snowflake!!! Your kids are hilarious. We love hearing updates from their proud grandparents.

Miss(Michelle) said...

Thanks for reminding me to video my kids more often. They grow up way too fast. Gone will be the days they dance foolishly without a care in the world.
Reagan watched it and was a little embarrassed for Eli...but none the less we got a great laugh.

Lauren said...

I love Caroline's ending in halo!! She is such a super star. You should get her to be on stage, something that I always wish I had done :D You have some beautiful children and I hope to see you all very soon! Love ya!