Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 4

Summer vacation. Day 4. It must be really hard for full time students to go from 9 - 3:45 learning, playing, learning, eating, playing, learning... to wake up, watch some quality tv, doddling around, quiet time for baby - like, learn to entertain yourself QUIETLY while Joey sleeps, no play dates at this time..- with lots of play in between. It must be so hard that Eli felt the need to write this to me while he was in time out.

The erased word is NICE. With an exclamation point. Serious business. Why is it erased? Because at 7:30pm Joey came out of his room with a jovial "Hi Guys!". He has conquered the crib railing. Without a fall. He has since shown me how and he is quite the careful climber - toes like a tree frog.

If you didn't know because you are in some land where the sun shines, it has rained hard here, for long periods of time, for the past 500 days. Or 5, but it feels like longer. That also adds to the difficulty with being out of school - going outside is like daring lightning to strike you. But the skies are amazing colors of purple and gray.

Bubbles during a rain break.

My garden is loving it. This pic was taken at 1pm today. Middle of the day.

The spinach, bibb lettuce and black seed lettuce is especially fond. I don't think the broccoli or brussel sprouts are too upset. The tomatoes and peppers are not big fans, they are cold. need. warmth. now.

Today, I checked to see if I had a window for the zoo. We ran over, meeting some friends, and spent about 1.5 hours there - perfect cool temps, not a lot of people. Love zoo passes. You don't have to feel like you have to stay a long time. Sometimes it is worth it just to go on the train and go home.

This song was on the radio when we got in the car. Kind of fitting.

Is it just me, or does the voice not match that of the singer in the video?

It reminded me of one of our favorite covers. Remember how much I love the show Chuck? Chuck has really nice teeth. You should watch the show. Here is their version. Dave and I are cracking up watching it. I mean, who hasn't wanted to perform this song with a backup synthesizer?


Through the Looking Glass said...

Can't believe that rain. How is my garden fairing? If you drive by my street, run and check on my little babies. I'm terrified I'll come home to waterlogged veggies that needed to be picked four days ago.

I love that song. Toto- a classic. And the best part of our vacay is that it eats up the first chunk of summer vacation. Tick, tick.

katie t said...


the rain?

freak out mode began 2 days ago...
"kindra? do you know what the word annoying means?". not kidding...


i love her "cowgirl" rain boots! kindra has the same ones....

hang in there and pray for me too! :)

Christy said...

It's been raining here nonstop for days and days and days too... SOOOO SICK OF THE RAIN.

We have an aquarium pass and I love that too - quick trip to see the sharks, then head home. We'll get one to the zoo when fiona's a little older.

Love that song too.

Just, be nice, okay?

Kenny said...

That video is a classic. The drummer appears to be a woman, but I think she could pass for a man. Check out seconds 0:44 to 0:48 of the clip. The necklace and blouse are screaming "woman", but I'm seeing 5 o'clock shadow. What's your take?

whit said...

Mands, your garden is on steroids - seriously jealous.

KT - 6 hours of sun today.

Christy - AT least he said "please" right? I'm trying.

Kenny - seriously, your play by play action is unreal. That man very well could be a woman. The video vixen could very well be a man, though. I also love how when they are all jammin' their eyes are all closed.