Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Babies. According to Caroline.

Tonight we walked up the street to give our friend some beautiful booties that my mom made (I should have taken pictures...). Our friend has 3 wonderfully active boys and the 4th they decided to not find out if they were having a boy or girl. Enter Baby Butterfly. Really. No name yet.

Caroline was so cute. She said the baby was beautiful. Kept checking her out. Looking at toes. Checking out cheeks.

Cut to later when we were enjoying So You Think You Can Dance (who is your favorite? Caroline likes the "pretty" dances. She wasn't a fan of Shane Sparks tonight) she asked me if we could have another baby. I said, "Do you want one?" She said, "Yes, don't you?" She then said, "You should go talk to them." Me, "Talk to who?" CW, "Talk to the people that Kaphleen (Kathleen, mother of Baby Butterfly) talked to. Who are the people that Kaphleen got the baby girl from?" A few minutes passed. CW, "Mom, are you going to talk to those people? Where do we go to get ours?" So glad we don't have to have that talk yet. Yes, that one.

I wonder if she realizes they grow up and turn into toddlers like Joey. That may change her mind.

And, no, this is not an announcement of my body incubating.


Christy said...

Glad you added that disclaimer at the end...I wouldn't have asked, but I was wondering!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Ah, get 'er done. You're just postponing the inevitable. You need six, maybe 8, so that you can dress them all as perfectly as Caroline and twist their hair into flawless plaits. Do it; I dare you.

And when you see "those people", tell them my uterus is closed for business.

Miss(Michelle) said...

If you tell her where they really come from...she won't want one anymore.
Ask Matt about the "special tool"talk he had with Madison.
My kids just want new fuzzy things to love ...kittens...bunnies...chicks... No one asks for babies!

katie t said...


Lindsey said...

I can't wait to hear the news that there is another Hill on the way - seriously, when you make such beautiful little babes, why stop???

Lindsey said...

PS: I was dying laughing over your Perfect Strangers link over at We Chirp - I was talking about the show a couple weeks ago with Ben and it turns out he has never seen it, or even heard of it!! Blasphemy! So I made him watch that trailer on youtube.