Sunday, December 21, 2008

What I Want For Christmas....

I agree, it is too late to get any of this stuff, but my cousin Tia has asked me to be superficial, here are the rules to this tag:

So here goes, these are her instructions: This is strictly superficial. I want you guys to tell me about your desire for an angora sweater or china plates. If you are tagged you have to list at least ten material wishes and tag ten people. And I am many things, and superficial is definitely one of them.

I want anything about of Whitney Smith Pottery. Anything, mostly everything.

And, let's hit Anthropologie.

Plain and Fancy Dress

Furniss Cowgirl Boots

Amelie Sofa

And I would love a huge family session with Miss Paige, the photographer. I'm serious. I want her to give me quarterly photo sessions, bringing the personality of my kids out on her photos. And she can make me look ok, chronicling my aging. And Dave's (he doesn't age).

I really want Dansko clogs. I hear they are super comfortable. My aunt, who has the same foot issues I have (very high arch,), says that after you put them on for a while they are super comfortable.

I want a professional organizer.

I want someone to clean my home twice a month.

I want new windows. All through my house. The kind that look beautiful, keep my house beautifully warm and beautifully cool, when needed.

I want my basement gutted and built to perfection. I guess we could do my main floor also.

And, at the risk of being way too greedy, I really want a Mac laptop. Really want one. It might help me make more friends.

You are tagged:

All ten of you that read my blog. Come and tell me when you have completed this.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Love your list - mine could duplicate yours easily. I have pair of those clogs and have had probably four pairs over the years. They are heaven! This year I'm also getting the black patent leather ones for Christmas. Get some! (And I have a super high arch)

Meghan said...

i guess i am one of your ten... i am not sure i can do your tag though. i haven't prepped for christmas yet and we are t-minus 3 days. and for the record, while i love my mac, i am not sure it has made me anymore friends. the iphone however, has ;).

angie said...

I totally did this. Maybe because the last thing on my list is a huge hint to someone...and possibly too much to share on a blog but ah well.
p.s. I have a pair of those Dansko clogs and they are HEAVEN! Every woman should have at least one pair.

Petit Elefant said...

you have a very cute blog. i love your style...

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

Thanks Whit! I always love the things you pick out. My mother-in-law and I were just looking at that dress online last night, so fun. A house cleaner is a great idea, if I worked in marketing I would suggest having gift certificates available from companies!
Oh and we are super excited about the womb development as well :) Can't stop smiling about it.

the merriest said...

you can't have that couch because i'm taking it first.

as soon as i win the lottery.