Thursday, December 18, 2008

Serious Neglect

It is Joey's second Christmas and I finally have made him a stocking.

Eli's has lots of sequins that have been plucked off the year he was 2 - maybe someday I will get to sewing some back on.

Mine and Caroline's are very girly, but at least hers has doves on it. And Dave's will be renovated this next year. He has never liked it and says it doesn't look like Christmas and you can tell it really bothers him, seriously. So he will have a Christmas-y one for next year. I hope my kids keep them forever. I still have the one that my mom made for me, Eli thinks if I hang it I will get more goodies - maybe we'll try it.
Here is a holiday question for you. I saw on a blog (dandee designs) I follow that she does a certain Christmas tradition. The kids get 4 things from the parents: something they need, want, read and wear. I decided to try it. I can't tell you how much simpler it has made this Christmas. I might be one of the worst gift givers in the world and this has helped reign in my busy mind and settle it down to focus on these things. I highly suggest it. Back to my question: does Santa give your child the BEST gift or does the gift of honor come from you? Eli has only asked Santa for Pokemon cards. I have bought him something that he is going to love and frankly, want him to know it is from Dave and I. So, what do you do and why?


the merriest said...

are you kidding me? you are freaking martha on speed.

i like the gift idea. i know someone who does 3 gifts, a representation of the wise men.

as for santa/me: i battle with this every year, but in the end my kids know the truth about santa, so it doesn't much matter.

angie said...

First off, your stockings are so adorable - like, disgustingly adorable. And here I was thinking I was doing good with DownEast Pottery Barn finds for $5. Yeah, homemade definitely trumps, I'd say.
As to the gifting, we always had the rule growing up that any gift that was too big and couldn't be wrapped came from Santa. But whatever Caden wants the MOST? It comes from me. Heck ya I want the credit. :)

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

Hmm, I don't know which way to go on the present thing . . . after a couple of weeks Annabelle will just tell me that her grandma made it for her (she has a cute eyelet skirt that she insists that 'old Grandma McKean' made for her). The stockings are beautiful but this post made me curious to see what Dave's looks like!

katie t said...

that is actually a great idea! i'll have to try it next year?!?

uh...the best creative surprise gift right now comes from santa but i know that will soon change...

Miss(Michelle) said...

Yep...Mom and Dad get the credit for the gift most wanted. Although we were told we were off the hook for the BB gun Reagan wanted because Santa said he would take care of it. Watch out...girly will have a gun.
Another idea one year was 3 gifts...something for the mind...something for the body...and something for the soul. So all of the 3 most important things were nourished that year.