Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It is beautiful out.  Has been for days.  Makes me want to be less clothed and basking in it.  But less clothed might scare neighbors, much less children.  It scares me.  4 more weeks.  This boy is the lowest I have ever carried.  If he wasn't in I would think he was out.  It makes things like reaching down, sitting, walking and resting a bit difficult, but how is that really different from any other pregnancy on this planet?
 caroline's sign

I just picked up my friend's almost three year old.  She is the only one that Joey longs to play with besides E and having her here is super easy and keeps all entertained.  Plus, as a bonus, I have her cousin here who is 4-ish and man, the best playmate I could ask for to keep the 3-ers happy.  She is a sweetie.  The friend just had her baby.  4 weeks before mine.  4 pushes and out.  4 hours of labor.  Baby number 4.  What a pattern.  Hers is a girl without a name.  It is nice to have someone go through it so close to my date. Someone who I can just feel it through without having to ask.

I hate potty training.  I really hate the toilet.  I hate touching the toilet and teaching the kids not to.   I've said this before, the toilet is Dave's duty.  Cleaning it, I mean.  Back to training, Joey is starting.  Yes, chances are he will revert in 4 weeks.  But he wants to.  It makes me a bit claustrophobic.  You can't venture too far.

 Joey turned three last week.  He is growing up.  Too fast.  Won't kiss me on the lips anymore.  I never should have blogged he did, it is like he read that or something.  Stinker.

Caroline had a dental check up yesterday.  Her two top teeth are loose.  E's didn't loosen until this year.  She also has 3 out of 4 6 year molars.  She is growing older way too fast and this is just one sign of it.

I wish I felt like nesting.  I feel like gardening, reading, sitting and running errands but not nesting.  I did go through bins and bins of clothing this weekend.  The D.I. might love me.  I did a load of newborn clothes this week.  But out of necessity, not nesting.  I have washed windows, but only to see more clearly, not to nest.  The things that I really need to do, like de-clutter, feel too much like nesting so I don't want to.  Like I said, I want to sit outside, warm my skin, soak up Vitamin D.  Maybe that can be nesting for now.


katie t said...

could their sign be any more precious?!?!?!?!

1 "LOST"
2 "GLEE"

lol....here's my nesting activities


Paige said...

I am also in love with her sign. She is a dream. And her swimsuit??? Love it. There is no need to nest on your fourth. You've got it handled.

Jayne said...

Whitney, Your kids are adorable! I was talking to Ralph the other day and we both said we need to go out again with you and Dave. Congrats on expecting your fourth. Hope all is well. Love, Jayne Pahnke