Friday, June 29, 2007

When I am five, I will eat cheese

Where do you begin on these things? How do you make it original or interesting? This week is crazy. Eli turned 5. Five!!! How do I have a five year old? The day before his birthday he let me know that when he turned five he would start eating cheese, but not sandwiches until he is 6. What?

We had a pirate party for his birthday. I am not a great party giver/thrower, but I think that it went ok. We walked to plank, in order to earn our pirate duds. The kids played with water balloons, ran through the volcanoe, hunted for treasure, killed a pinata, ate cake and drank pirate juice with shark blood ice cubes (Abe didn't want any). I made red pirate sashes for all the kids, Caroline wanted pink. It was fun, glad it is over.

The next day Eli was having a hard time going to bed. He asked to start his birthday over, with the sun coming up and his birthday party happening again. He wanted more presents. Anyone have suggestions on how to get E to be grateful for what he already has and not wanting more and more?

He is a great kid, good to his new little brother, trying to be good to his little sister and succeeds most of the time. I am blessed.

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